The Creator

My Name is Manley Feinberg III, I am the creator of Livn Legnz. I am 18 years old and I live in St.Louis, Missouri.

(On the left is me 3,000 ft off the ground on El Captain in Yosemite California)

The Inspiration

In September of 2017, I was hanging out with some friends and the idea came to me. I realized that there were no clothes that had everything I wanted. And no clothes fit my lifestyle. As the day went on the idea consumed me. I started to write and draw all of my ideas for the brand.

I wrote my ideas down

I’m different, always looking for an adventure, and always down for the craziest ideas. I wanted my clothes to be stylish yet useful and built strong, with high quality for a good price. It wasn’t until spring break of 2018 that I came up with the name.

Livn Legnz

Street or Summit, Livn Legnz will get you there

Live a Legend • Die a Legend • Leave a Legacy

Livn Legnz is a brand for people like me. People who are driven, and are legends in there own way. From athletes to adventurers to photographers to video creators.

I envision  Livn Legnz as one day being more than just a clothing brand. I want it to be a lifestyle brand.

Join me on my journey